“It’s been over 7 years that I’ve been here, working on the Island, and
I love it.”
Lindsay Hai [ From Hong Kong ] Senior Finance Project Manager at Standard Aero

i build #mydream

Welcome to a better life!

Summerside’s I Build My Future Here program creates your own interactive link to all the latest opportunities in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. From the moment you fill in your Participant Form, you’ll have an inside track to all the information you want about jobs, business and lifestyle benefits… plus answers to any questions you ask.


If you’re looking for a career right out of school, leading global companies like Airbus, Honeywell, Radnet and Cavendish will want your application. In the meantime, you’ll have more money in your pocket with average post-secondary tuition fees of less than $7,000 a year and apartment rentals under $700 a month. Should you be seeking post-graduate research opportunities, Summerside and PEI could help you with grants from $10,000 to $40,000.


Wage Earners

PEI lowers your cost while raising your standard of living. Residents spend about $1,000 less than the typical Canadian on food, $4,000 less on shelter, $800 less on recreation and pay $5,000 less in income tax. Summerside abounds in recreational facilities and Credit Union Place stages top international entertainment. With fully integrated bilingual options, children’s education begins with daycare averaging just $165 a week, 5 elementary schools and then high school offering special programs like aerospace.



Cost certainty and a cooperative investment climate provide huge benefits for business in Summerside. With commercial property from $10 per sq ft and industrial from $6, occupancy costs can be lowered dramatically. Even more importantly, Summerside is an established Green city on the leading edge of innovation. The city’s Living Lab Program supports Industrial Validation trials that let you test new products in a statistically proven market. You can also take advantage of significant financial assistance from Summerside and PEI for everything from seed capital to labour, R&D, quality improvement and the pursuit of export markets.