Summerside makes dreams come true!

If you dream of a better life ahead — or returning to one you left behind — Summerside offers a future unlike any other.

Cutting costs while raising your standard of living is just the beginning. With an average home price of $159,000*, you can buy 2 houses for the price of one or use the savings to really enjoy life. You can send the children to your choice of 5 elementary schools, and then high school. Relax in the security of a doctor/patient ratio on par with Canada’s largest cities. Enjoy superb sports and recreational facilities (golf club membership @ $1,200) plus some of the world’s most spectacular beaches all within 30 minutes of downtown. Summerside is the perfect place for happy living… in the safest province in Canada! But what about jobs? Well guess what…

* 2nd quarter 2017

Summerside has the jobs you’re looking for… with an average commute of 5 minutes!

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With aerospace and manufacturing leading the way, game-changing industries have emerged in Summerside to establish a diverse and prosperous community in which to live, work, play and raise a family. And those who left before are coming back! Whether you’re a student, an Islander who’s been away for a while or someone looking to open a new business, you’ll find the opportunity you’re looking for when you register for Summerside’s I Build My Future Here program. And all you have to do is…